Dimensions: 20.8m x 7.3m
Area: 152m squared


Standing: 200+
Sitting: 160


From £4,295
Includes: DandyDura matting, festoon lighting, build and de-rig

Our Long Yurt can seat up to 160 guests and works particularly well for a long, banquet style dining experience, or a ceilidh dance.

Whilst this is our largest yurt, it still feels intimate. The clear canvas roof allows the light to stream in keeping it bright and airy inside.

You can decorate as much or as little as you wish; enjoy the yurts natural features or design your own theme.

Often, our customers will choose smaller yurts to attach creating separate rooms for dancing, a bar, chillout space or even a children’s entertainment room. Whatever your plans and budget, we can create the right combination for you.

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