Ethical Policy

It’s really important to us that we consider the wider implications of running our yurt hire business. Whilst yurts sometimes seem to be given honorary green credentials from the fact that they’re made of wood, the business of hiring them out all over the country could tell a different story.


Carbon Reduction



We’re proud to be in partnership with Good Energy the UK’s only 100% renewable electricity supplier. All of their electricity is generated using natural power from the wind, water and sun or through sustainable biogeneration. That means no carbon, no nuclear and no fossil fuels.

If you switch to Good Energy too, quote Cheltenham Yurt Hire  and they’ll give you £25 off your first bill.

Having recently moved to Stroud we thought we would support our local renewable initiative and have joined Ecotricity. This means that all of the machine work on the yurts as well as the office is run carbon neutral.



Our website is hosted by Ethical Internet based in Stroud which is a truly comprehensive hosting package on a UK-based server located in a 100% renewable energy powered data centre.


Keeping it local

If we take enquiries from far flung places and we know of a more local company who can offer what we can, we will recommend them. We really hope that other yurt hire companies would do the same and we’re trying to encourage this ethos throughout the industry. Check here to find the most local yurt hire company to you.



We are proud to be members of Stroud’s Food Hub, a fabulous scheme that enables local food producers to sell directly to the public thus massively reducing food miles and championing organic and sustainable farming practices. They have also ingeniously packaged the whole scheme so that it can be rolled out in other towns around the country.



Its vital that who we bank with has as stringent ethical policy as we do, otherwise they might undo all the hard work we’ve done! We have moved to the Co-operative Bank who have a demonstrable ethical policy in areas such as human rights, international development, ecological impact and animal welfare.


Other Suppliers

If you want to ensure your event is as ethical as possible then we can recommend suppliers who we believe have good credentials. Please contact us for advice whether you’re going to hire a yurt or not – its important to us all.