Diameter: 12.9m
Area: 131m squared


Standing: 200+
Sitting (6ft round tables): 144


From £4,295
Includes: DandyDura matting, festoon lighting, build and de-rig

The 42ft Pavilion is our most sought after yurt and can seat up to 144 guests or 200 guests standing.

It works especially well with round tables, but trestles are also great. The double cupola roof gives an immense feeling of space, and the sky light illuminates the yurt all day whilst offering a twinkling view of the stars at night.

Decoration is easy; the intricate wooden framework looks beautiful with simple garland, or you can totally transform it to suit your theme. Either way, it’ll look stunning.

Often, our customers will choose smaller yurts to attach creating separate rooms for dancing, a bar, chillout space or even a children’s entertainment room. Whatever your plans and budget, we can create the right combination for you.

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